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Thank you for stopping by and reading what I have to offer.

What I do. I’m a print aficionada who does everything from journalism to corporate reports, coffee table books, research and consultancy. A bit of generalist, I can swing from the deeply technical and serious, to the trite and trivial, in subject and style. But if the truth be told, I’m happiest when covering Africa or writing creatively.

Who I am. I’m a South African living in London, married to a Brit, mother-of-two, lover of classic literature, rail travel, East Griqualand, Korean food, cooking, gardening and wild swimming. And if that sounds a bit pretentious, it’s just the start…

Why I do it.  The writing bit? Well, I guess I must like it. I could have been a lawyer but back in mid-90s, after doing a short course with the London School of Journalism – where I was nominated for ‘Correspondence Student of the Year’ – I chose print over the power suit.

Where I do it.  Mostly at the kitchen table. Sometimes in the loft, or at the Bliss Cafe down the road where you can get fantastic coffee and food. Occasionally in an office near Spitalfields Market. From time-to-time at in some far-flung place including ‘home’ – South Africa.

When I do it. Let’s just say I work the hours I want to work and I get it done – though I try to avoid Sundays, and weekends, wherever possible.

How I do it. Over the years I’ve built a strong contact base. I’m as comfortable with the blue chip as I am the blue collar, and have been privileged to interview people from all walks of life – teachers, activists, psychologists, former presidents, addicts, refugees, chief executives, victims of child abuse, aid workers, technologists, scientists, midwives, entrepreneurs, government ministers and the list goes on.

I like stories, and am a good listener. Give me a brief and I’ll do what you want and more. It’s all grist for the mill.






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